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Event: Chant with Shiva Lila & Swan Kirtan, Birthday Celebration

Location: The Ranch, 1 Halls Hill Road, Falmouth, ME


Date: 2018-1-20
End Date: 2019-2-3

Time: 6:00 pm -9:30 pm

You are welcome to join us for an evening of kirtan/ devotional chanting by Shiva Lila & Swan Kirtan. Celebrate Ashok Nalamalapu's birthday. No gifts please.

Cake: 600 PM
Swan Kirtan; 6:30 PM
Shiva Lila: 8:00PM

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Shiva Lila:

Straight from the Hridaya Hermitage in Maine, experience what these kirtan wallahs do every day for devotional practice in their ashram home. With a powerful combination of energetic drumming and singing, Shiva Lila changes the energy of every space they enter with their music, bringing bodies alive and joy to the faces of those who join to sing with them.

From the western mountains of Maine, these Yogis, Bhagavan Das, Gopala and Uma will bring us to a different world of bliss!

Sample chant of Shiva Lila :

Swan Kirtan:

Swan Kirtan is ensemble of musicians from the West and East. We chant multi-faith songs. All are welcome.
No prior experience needed.

Sample chants:

"What a band. Beautiful Kirtan." - Jai Uttal, Grammy Nominee.

Ashok Nalamalapu was born in India, and has practiced devotion since his childhood. He has been playing harmonium and leading multi-faith chants since 2011. Ashok’s teachers include Jai Uttal and other Indian classical musicians. As part of his spiritual path, he has lead Kirtan at Bhakti Fest of California, LoveLight Fest of Maryland, Maine Yoga Fest, Devotion Fest of Boston and New Hampshire Yoga for Peace Yoga, temples and schools. He also sang at reputed yoga centers such as Integral Yoga Institute of New York and Kripalu Center. He sings multi-faith chants in traditional Indian Raaga style. He hosts kirtan and sings at Sadhana in Maine regularly. Ashok has served as a Master of Ceremonies at Bhakti Fest, Omega Ecstatic Chant, Boston Yoga and Chant Festival, Denver Chant, LoveLight Festival and Devotion Fest.

Uma Lescault will be on vocals and tambourine.

Other musicians will be announced.

Ticket : $15


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