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Event: Chant with Swan Kirtan at Kripalu

Location: Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health


Date: 2018-1-10
End Date: 2019-2-3

Time: 6:00 pm -8:30 am

Join us to sing and enjoy an evening of devotional chanting. People of all faiths are welcome.

Swan Kirtan is a devotional multi-faith chanting group drawing from Eastern and Western musical traditions.

"What a band. Beautiful Kirtan." - Jai Uttal, Grammy Nominee.

"You are all a group of very talented musicians!" - Danielle Morin
( founder of Greener Postures )

"I really love your CD. I am listening to it all the time in the car. It's really beautiful" - Edit Mello

About Musicians:

Ashok Nalamalapu was born in India and has been a devotee since his childhood. He has been leading multi-faith chants
and playing harmonium since 2011, singing in the traditional Indian Raga style. Ashok has been studying with Indian classical musicians and Jai Uttal. As part of his spiritual path, he has led kirtan at many festivals across the country including Bhakti Fest
in California and the Lovelight Festival in Maryland. Ashok has also led kirtan at colleges in Maine, temples in India and the US, and at yoga centers such as Kripalu, Ananda Ashram and Integral Yoga Institute. In addition, he has served as a Master of Ceremonies,
inspiring the audiences at all the major US kirtan festivals. In his home state of Maine, Ashok regularly hosts kirtan artists from across the country. His debut album, "We are all One" is released recently and is available on
You can reach him at

Sample chants:

Om Namo Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya

All One

Ganesha Saharanam

Rodney Mashia has been touching people's hearts and making them smile for decades with his soulful music. He has entertained many groups nationwide with his sensitive original lyrics, vocal interpretations, guitar and flute. Born and raised in rural Louisiana with Gospel roots and educated in New England, Rodney's life experiences have spanned the black and white American political and music cultures of the past five decades, all contributing to his unique style. As a flutist, he has accompanied the Hanumen, Carrie Grossman, Eddie Nataraj, Devadas and many other kirtan leaders. He will play flute and chant with his beautiful voice.

Rasa Devi Dasi of Boston is an exceptional hand cymbals/kartals and tambourine player and adevotee. She is also a kirtan singer and guitar player. She has been playing music with Devadas of New York since 2011. She plays in Kirtan bands throughout the East Coast.

Owen Landis on Guitar

People of all faiths are welcome. No prior experience is needed.


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