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Event: Chant with Swan Kirtan at Greater Portland Festival of Nations

Location: Deering Oaks, Portland, ME 04101


Date: 2018-7-28
End Date: 2019-7-27

Join us to sing and enjoy an evening of devotional chanting. People of all faiths are welcome.

Swan Kirtan is a devotional multi-faith chanting group drawing from Eastern and Western musical traditions.

"What a band. Beautiful Kirtan." - Jai Uttal, Grammy Nominee.

"You are all a group of very talented musicians!" - Danielle Morin
( founder of Greener Postures )

"I really love your CD. I am listening to it all the time in the car. It's really beautiful" - Edit Mello

About Musicians:

Ashok Nalamalapu was born in India and has been a devotee since his childhood. He has been leading multi-faith chants and playing harmonium since 2011, singing in the traditional Indian Raga style. Ashok has been studying with Indian classical musicians and Jai Uttal. As part of his spiritual path, he has led kirtan at many festivals across the country including Bhakti Fest
in California and the Lovelight Festival in Maryland. Ashok has also led kirtan at colleges in Maine, temples in India and the US, and at yoga centers such as Kripalu, Ananda Ashram and Integral Yoga Institute. In addition, he has served as a Master of Ceremonies,
inspiring the audiences at all the major US kirtan festivals. In his home state of Maine, Ashok regularly hosts kirtan artists from across the country. His debut album, "We are all One" is released recently and is available on
You can reach him at

Jason Grundstrom-Whitney has played in numerous bands spanning diverse genre's. He currently plays in the recording band Tired Eyes( alternative rock), and JWhit and friends (rap). He has played with the Tom Hoffman trio(jazz), the 3 Great Jazz guitarists of Virginia Beach (jazz), David Klogus band( country), the Old Dominion Symphony Orchestra, various blues, jazz, rock, reggae bands,etc... He also plays Native American flute.

Sample chants:

Om Namo Bhagavate Ramakrishnaya

All One

Ganesha Saharanam

Aaron Pomeranz moved to Portland this year from NY in order to pursue a doctorate in school psychology at USM. He began playing harmonica eight years ago in high school when his grandmother bought him his first one to “get him away from the video games,” and has since branched out as a multi-instrumentalist, exploring musical traditions and instruments from a myriad of regions across the world. He has taken a deep interest in exploring consciousness and developing deeper connections through music, whether through sound healing, rock & roll, funk, folk, or kirtan. Aaron is always open to new collaborations and opportunities to share the ecstatic wonder of free expression with anyone hoping to listen! He has a particular penchant for street performing but also enjoys playing in yoga studios, small gatherings, art galleries, children's parties, the UU First Parish, and swank cafes.

Other musicians will be announced.

People of all faiths are welcome. No prior experience is needed.


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